B. principled. A building supply salesperson who sells vacation real estate on company time. E. acting quite ethically. The division that produces mixer doesnt produce blender. E. The vast majority of international companies have high ethical standards. Aside from free shipping, we do offer a scheduled delivery option complete with in-home set up in selected areas within the US for a small fee starting from $69 up to $129. C. Cultural differences are never the source of ethical dilemmas. D. thoroughly educates customers before making a sale. : Result: 1944, multiplication of previous 2 numbers. In contrast, when a knowledgeable person makes a poor purchase the courts tend to favor the salesperson assuming that the buyer should have been more wary of the product and the salesperson's inaccurate claims. Conditions for selections of a candidate are as follows: Ionization energy decreases with the increasing size of metal atom. C. What is the industry standard? C. When a salesperson makes claims of a "factual nature" regarding a service's inherent capabilities, the law does not treat these comments as statements of fact and warranties. 2. D. conventional. What does my family want me to do? A. A. Prospecting. B. Explanation: Being honest, loyal, and fair are qualities of an ethical person as well as adhering to company policies. (iron), 4. if the division that produces mixer also produces juicer,how many ways are there for product pairs? Alexander is an IT engineer with 65% marks in his bachelors degree and 88% marks in 12th grade. My order is showing delivered but I did not receive it. Explanation: Respect for the dignity of the individual is at the heart of the universal moral code referred to as "the Golden Rule" by most people of the world. 103. A. Accepting bribes. Which of the following statements about the international side of ethics is true? Result: 652 each number -1. D. Seasonal discounts. D. A salesperson's opinion about the quality of the product being sold is known as sales puffery and is legally actionable. Such statements are viewed as opinions and are generally not considered unethical. Instead, Lee handed in her letter of resignation because she refused to sell a potentially dangerous trip to her customers. C. Golden Rule. Which of the following best describes Evans's actions? Emma Is A Customer Whose Sales Region Code Is 08 She Has Been Regularly Ordering Goods From Abc Company For More Than Four Years She Has Also Purchased Goods Worth 150 In The Previous Mont is not the form you're looking for? C. Cooperative acceptance is an employee right referring to fair treatment. A. Hindu Mahabharata. E. Tie-in sales. Damon will most likely be excited about the opportunity this presents for him to earn more money. Explanation: A principled person, such as Lee, does the right thing no matter if it means losing her job. When the salesperson says to the new prospective customer, "I believe my company sells the best mattresses and that you can't find any better," it is an example of: 154. Explanation: A person at the preconventional level of moral development follows rules to receive rewards, which in this case is a $500 bonus. With our 365-night risk-free trial, we will refund you the full amount should you choose to return your Emma; you won't even need to pay any shipping charges! E. union activities. D. Monitoring the social environment of employees. A _____ refers to something that provides the correct action to take in any situation and never gets tailored to fit an occasion. 112. Integrity, trust, and character are the building blocks of a Golden Rule salesperson's values. Most people are in the conventional and principled levels of moral development. C. Most people are in the preconventional and conventional levels of moral development. B. 19,20,5 (20 - 19 is not 3 and 5 is not a multiplication of 3), HIK does not have fixed difference between digits, III. There are four coordinators named Lily, Cathy,Mary and Nina. no stacking of discount codes). Our Emma mattresses come with a 365-night risk-free trial. D. unsafe conduct. You can wash the Plush Emma UltraDry Pillowtop Cover of your mattress. D. Quantity discounts. However, she has dealership of some other similar company. Here is a sample of Amazon OA Part 1 Questions. Our 0% APR financing with Klarna also gives you the option to make 12 equal payments over the next 12 months. D. Cooperative acceptance. A fixed point of reference is an individual's tool for determining right and wrong and cannot be standardized. B. principled. If I get fired, then that's just the way it'll have to be." I bought my Emma mattress via Koalafi financing. D. preconventional moral maturity. D. consensual. Result: SSCLRDGLC, in term of 4 letters -1 +1 +2 -2, last letter is -1. He gives travel certificates and gifts to purchasing executives who buy numerous products from him. She has never been provided with any bulk discount but has been given a special discount of 2 % . Which of the following statements about ethical dilemmas is true? Principle-based statements are designed to affect corporate culture, define fundamental values, and contain general language about company responsibilities, quality of products, and treatment of employees. must not have dealership of any other similar company. A17R:D12P -> G7N:? An ethical sales manager should set realistic and obtainable goals. Jacob is a customer whose sales region code is 14. A high degree of brand recognition will help a company win a higher share of the market. The 8 products are: mixer, iron, water pump, geyser, juicer, blender, grinder, and heater. D. know the technical specifications of the products she sells. B. earn more sales revenue. Union influence is less likely to be affected. The second type of sexual harassment is hostile environment harassment; it occurs when jokes, graffiti, and other behavior are directed at persons of the opposite sex. E. a statement of fact. Return ord_no, purch_amt, ord_date, customer_id and salesman_id. Factors to consider are the goals of the group, the personal motivation of each salesperson, the size of the territory, and the achievable nature of the goal. 956 794 884 678: Result: 678, digits sum should be 20. Based on levels of moral development, a Golden Rule salesperson is in the minority among sales personnel. 29. A. A salesperson can minimize exposure to costly misrepresentation and breach of warranty lawsuits if he/she: True. :Result: 16, sum of previous numbers. C. conventional. 9. D. encouraging a tie-in sale. A. D. House account. B. D. thoroughly educates customers before making a sale. E. What does society expect from me? A principled person does the right thing no matter what and is guided by internal morals and values. B. A. misuse of relationship marketing. Explanation: Personality, religious background, family upbringing, personal experiences, and the situation faced are examples of factors shaping our core belief system. B. Why Tableau Toggle sub-navigation. To continue meeting their high standard, Emma's support team needed a better way to find, access, and . You can enjoy our Emma mattresses as you normally would any mattress. 10/16= Were Richard Boone And John Wayne Friends, Resilience4j Circuit Breaker Fallback, Articles E